Return customers are the lifeblood of any small business. It is important for consumers to feel connected to a business, in order for them to come back. With an app for your small business, your customers can see your logo every time they open their phone; and give them access to your contact info, GPS directions, social media feeds from your business, a quick link to your website, push notifications for deals and specials straight to their phones. and even a rewards system.
Our app rewards systems utilize your choice of QR codes or passwords to track customer purchases at your store and offer rewards for repeat business. Simply have employees input the password or scan the QR code to enter the rewards for customers. There can even be time limits on the reward codes to prevent someone from taking advantage of the system. Loyalty rewards programs are a great way to get involved in what your customers want out of your business, and also to keep them coming back. Restaurants can offer rewards for meal specials, leading up to a free drink or dessert. Retail locations can offer discounts after X purchases. The possibilities for your reward systems can go as far as your business is willing to offer, but great deals will often provide the best return. With reward systems, first time customers become regulars; and regulars stop by more frequently.
Drum up more business with reward systems conveniently on your customer’s phone, and see the difference that an app with BetterBizWorks can do for you. Get started with a mobile app from BetterBizWorks and give your customers what they want.