Hundreds of new apps are being created every day for businesses all over the world. This has many companies searching for better ways to promote their app and strategies to create more effective apps. While design is important it’s not everything when it comes to mobile app success. An app has to have features your customers want. It also has to be found, so your customers can download it. Once they download it you want them to share it.  Then you’ll want them to keep it on their phone. Here are a few tips to help your business to become more successful through the use of an app, and keep your customers wanting more.

Marry your print strategy to your digital strategy. Make sure your print media promotes your app. Post cards, posters and signage are important at retail locations and visitor areas. Bill boards and public transportation ads like advertising on buses, trains and ferries are great places for app ads.

Word of mouth is effective and cost efficient. Marketing studies show that more than half of consumers found out about apps from people they knew and social media, while only about 25%  found an app through search engines.

Make sure you have interesting content and easy ways to share your app. Use social media integration let users share their experience in any way possible. Does your app fill an important need? Is it exciting? Make it so with great offers, rewards and loyalty programs.

Push notifications are fantastic reasons for people to like your app, but only if your offers are motivational. Things that make people happy include exclusive offers, time saving solutions, helpful information and discounts or coupons. Using Geo-location with your push notifications creates timely offers that can help same time. If you offer a discount on an item you would like to sell more of while a customer is in the area everyone benefits.

Offering in-app customer service is a huge benefit. It makes your customer feel special and taken care of. It’s a feature that saves time and makes it easy for you to get feedback while giving the customer a direct link to you.

Hopefully you see some reasons in this article that will improve your relationship with potential customers. If you see the benefits your customers will too. These are just a few ways to promote and create a successful app.

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