Once we’ve completed your website your journey just begins.

BetterBizWorks prides itself in offering the best customer service in the industry. Once your website or internet marketing plan is complete you can work with our customer service specialists to help you build your web presence. They will provide you with one-on-one support, which will famililarize you with all of our marketing tools. These tools are offered to all of our cusotmers to help them grow their business on the internet and in their businesses. We are always here to make all of the changes and customization you desire, but many of our websites allow you to make quick changes to your content on the fly, if needed. That’s the beauty of owning a dynamic website.  Many of our customers take pride in making changes and improvements to their websites themselves.

With proper training we encourage you to take advantage of our dynamic websites because we believe that this style of website is paramount to your internet success.  Our customer service is here to help. We’ll train you on how to make changes, run email marketing programs, learn web analysis and more. For any information concerning our hosting, marketing, technical issues or customer support feel free to call us at :

Customer Support
Phone: 888-408-1585

If you need technical assistance from our web designers or programmers call:

Staten Island Office
Phone: 212-904-0020
1855 Victory Boulevard
Staten Island, NY 10314   Click Here

We also offer seminars and workshops to help you grow your business online. Click Here for information.

Betterbizworks is proud to offer the best customer service in the industry. We encourage you to take advantage of it.