marketing to generation z -apps and mobile sitesGeneration Z was born between the mid 1990’s to the early 2000’s. This generation lives on it’s technology and loves social media. In order to market to Gen Z you need to offer excellent mobile venue. Gen Z lives on their mobile phones and tablets. They spend more time on their apps and the internet than they do in physical stores. They have less questions on details and put more preference towards convenience in their online buying experience. They do however look for bargains and will only pay extra for features that are useful to them. They do like getting lost in fantasy and high-tech effects to escape reality and will spend for the best, when it comes to diversions and entertainment. They rely on reviews from their peers and don’t take well to the average oily sales pitch.


Well planned responsive website and mobile apps are the order of the day. Products should have short, efficient but well written descriptions with local reviews to back them up.  Efficiency is key for Gen Z. Make them a fan instead of selling to them. Invest in mobile and make the experience count.