With many small businesses, including our own, having to adapt to working from home or having online meetings with clients, it is important to use an organization tool that fits your team’s needs. Milanote is an Australian-based web solution to your organization problems. We have recently started using it to keep our information organized between our team and customers; and it is a seriously powerful tool.

Milanote on the Surface

So you need a tool to keep your business organized from the home or office. There are certainly a number of products out there. Milanote offers a clean platform with an incredibly simple user interface. The platform allows you to create bulletin boards that can be used to organize pretty much all aspects of your business. More importantly, you can create boards within these that allow you to organize your data based on team roles, client needs, and more. The interface offers a number of different tools to each board that you create, such as to do lists, comments, columns for organizing content and more.

Accessing Milanote

The program is usable on a browser as a web-based platform, but it offers desktop integration for both Windows and Mac. Additionally, they have an app for both iOS and Android. Desktop and mobile downloads allow for push notification settings for board changes or mentions.

Visual Organization

What sets Milanote apart from other services is their very visual approach to organization. Boards and files can be color coordinated, and set with images for easy navigation. This can help keep you and your team organized. Whereas similar interfaces like Slack and Trello are all text based, the visual interface makes it easier, and more efficient.

Sharing Your Boards

Sharing boards with team members or clients can be as simple as the press of a button. If you don’t want to share the entire board, you can download a high-resolution .pdf or .png of the board to share. Create to-do lists for team members or clients. Once shared with other users, you can use mentions to ensure that they see changes to the board with an email or push notification.

Milanote Web Browser Integration

Milanote also offers a very unique browser plugin for full integration. This free plugin lets you save text, photos, images, links, video, and more instantly to one of your boards, or your app homepage. The plugin comes available for Safari and Chrome, and makes it simple to add important info, or save your favorite photos to one place.

Customer Support

Milanote has a strong network of customer support, including a large number of tutorial articles that help you learn the platform step-by-step. Even if you are not computer savvy, many of these articles feature images that highlight where to click to get the job done. They also offer live chat support. A full list of keyboard shortcuts is readily available in the “Help” tab, so be sure to familiarize yourself with some of these helpful hotkeys.

Milanote for Your Small Business

This platform can be an incredibly powerful tool for any small business. B2B businesses can share boards and data with clients. Nonprofits can get a lot of use out of the platform, for organizing fundraisers and coordinating volunteers. Even restaurants can use this tool to organize recipes, catering orders, and more.

Free vs Pro Account

What is the major difference between the free and paid account? Tons of storage space. A free Milanote account grants you the ability to create up to 100 cards (notes, to-do lists, etc.) on boards. Pro accounts get unlimited cards, and the ability to upload bigger files. For free accounts, image uploads can be up to 10MB, whereas pro members can upload pictures of up to 100MB in size. Other files for free accounts, such as documents can be as large as 50MB. On the other hand, document uploads for pro accounts can be as large as 5 GB. Pricing for unlimited is just $9.99 per month for the year, or $12.50 on a per-month basis. However, free accounts can increase storage by referring a friend, which increases your account space by 20 cards. This can be done up to 5 times, for a total of 200 cards.

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