bigstock-SEO-flow-chart-on-a-whiteboard-30908507Many business owners come to me asking for more traffic to their website. The thought never occurs to them that having great content on your website is paramount to attracting new customers and keeping existing ones. Today there is no magic pill for web traffic for small business. If you want returning customers, giving them a pleasant user experience is what keeps the coming back. Growing your business through Organic Search is a long term strategy that pays.

Paid search works for business if you have an unending supply of capital to throw at it, but if you want to keep customers coming back you need to give them what they want. Education, entertainment, great products and services and good journalism is the reason people search the internet and devour it’s contents. Grow organically so you can spend less on paid advertising over time. It’s a prudent strategy that works.

If you have a website, make sure it has a blog. At BetterBizWorks Web Design most of our client’s websites have a blog. My advice is to fill that blog with quality articles, that your customers and prospects will have an interest in. Give them tips, best practices, info and entertainment related to your industry. These articles can pay big dividends because a prospect that becomes a fan because they learned from you can become a loyal customer for a lifetime. If you have a shopping cart website with a line of products, you can do human interest stories on customers that have used items sold on your site. Show how the client benefited from it’s use along with a testimonial and some pictures, and your on your way.

Creating content takes some work. Read about current trends. Stay abroad of what’s happening in your industry and let your customers know the facts along with your advice. Keep it interesting and entertaining and use original content. Try to write weekly or bi-weekly to keep your website filled with fresh and current information.

Getting people to find your content once you have posted it is another story. You can post links to your articles and blogs on social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr and others. Post pictures on Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. Publish your article on article sites. Work with other websites that will promote your website. You can reciprocally promote their articles on your website. Look for synergistic relationships. If you have a gardening website you might promote an article from a seed company or gardening tool company in return for a reciprocal link. When reading articles from companies in your industry reach out to them and create a relationship so you can market each other.

Other ways to help your organic search are to use proper keywords in your articles. Use Google Analytics to see what keywords customers are using to find your site. There are many keywords tools to show you which keywords are most popular in your field. Use them, but remember every article should be written for the benefit of the consumer, not the search engines.

You will find that if you write great articles and fill your website with the content that your customers are searching for you will be rewarded greatly. Hopefully writing will become a cherished hobby and your business will grow.

If you need help with Organic Search or if you would like articles written and posted for you BetterBizWorks is always here to help. Call us at 212-904-0020 or contact us.