COVID-19 hit hard for many businesses. According to a recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, over 100,000 small businesses in the US have permanently closed their doors during the pandemic. While we are not out of the woods yet, it is important to develop a marketing strategy to help keep your business afloat.

Taking Care of Loyal Customers

Return customers are one of the best ways to keep your doors open. Make sure that you are taking care of their needs to help keep revenue flow. Work to effectively keep your customers and employees safe during this time. Consider developing a customer loyalty program to help encourage return business.

COVID Safety Measures

In these uncertain times, safety precautions can be a smart way to business. Offer phone or video conferences to reduce contact when possible. Enforce mask usage among employees. Social distancing markers in store-fronts can help customers feel safer when visiting your shop.

COVID Burnout

Despite the need for safety measures, consumers don’t want to hear about them. Don’t tell your customers what your COVID precautions are, just do them. People have been tired of COVID updates from big-name brands and small businesses alike. Try to focus on more positive messages and content. While it is vital to address the concerns of consumers, they are feeling the fatigue of seeing the same message over and over again. Try to avoid phrases like “unprecedented times” or the like. People are tired of them. Generally, you should focus on content that is closer to pre-COVID content at this stage.

Show Don’t Tell

It is still a good practice to show pictures regarding social distancing. If you include photography of your business in your content, be sure to show workers in masks, following social distancing guidelines. While people don’t want to read about your “COVID Prevention Strategies,” they may still be comforted by the safety precautions you are taking. Photos should show that your business is taking the pandemic seriously, without the lengthy

Invest in your Online Presence

Many people want to reduce their contact with others and may continue in the future. Whether by investing time, money, or both, it is necessary to build your online presence to the best of your ability. If COVID-19 has shown small business owners anything, its the importance of an online presence.

Websites that Work for You

There are a number of ways that a quality website can help increase your business. A solid website with quality content and good SEO can help you rise through the ranks on Google and help consumers find you easier. Online ordering can be a great way to reach customers who are not venturing out. Blog articles and new content can help boost your online presence and help you reach more people online.

Social Media Presence

Increased activity of social media can help remind customers that you are still here, and going strong. Restaurants may want to show off their outdoor (and soon indoor) dining spaces. Even showing off products or menu items can be a good idea. Social media marketing has always been an important way to reach customers, and it is even more important now.

Advertising Online After COVID

It can be hard to justify increasing pay-per-click advertising during this time. But as thousands of small businesses close their doors, it is important not to get swept under the current. Pay-per-click ad campaigns can help you reach targeted audiences in your area, to focus your marketing and drive more business to you. While advertising is an investment, it is certainly a vital one.

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