BetterBizWorks, LLC offers seminars, workshops and classes on various subjects to help you plan a future website, then to help you make that website successful. We offer courses on using traditional marketing to enhance your internet marketing plan, new ways to attract new prospects and customers to your website, You can learn how to use internet tools to research trends that can show you where you should focus your marketing efforts for a winning plan. Our introductory workshops are free. We offer other courses for free to our customers to help them make their websites more successful. Call us at 973-390-4719 to register for our next seminar.

Our seminars, workshops and courses include:

  • Internet Marketing 101
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Pre-Planning
  • e-mail Marketing
  • Understanding Your Customers Search Habits
  • Marrying your Internet Marketing Plan to a Traditional Marketing Plan
  • Web Traffic Tools
  • Website Management Tools

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