As the US gets back to business in Fall 2020, it is more important now than ever to have a website that people can find. Strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital for small businesses that may be struggling to keep up with a socially distancing world. This article will discuss strategies to help strengthen your SEO.

Create SEO Content that Matches Search Intent

Your content should express how people search for your services. Search Intent refers to why someone uses their search engine. Generally, there are 3 types of search intent: informational, navigational, and transactional. How you type in the search bar can affect the websites that are given to you. Because of search intent, your SEO plan and site content should take these types of searches into account.

Informational Searches

Informational searches focus on finding information or answering a question. An example of this can be “How often should I change my AC filter?” This can provide an individual with the information needed to complete a task. An Air Conditioner repair company can content like this to bring a customer to their site. Being an informative and authoritative source online can make your business seem more reputable and experienced.

Navigational Searches

Navigational searches help a user find specific companies to provide goods or services. This can help them find a company online or in person. “Bakery near me” is an example of a navigational search, as the user wants to find a location. This can be important for small businesses, which likely cater to local residents and other nearby businesses.

Transactional Searches

This is a search that usually leads to a purchase. Generally, a user will search in this way if they have the intent to buy, or at least look at prices. “Buy Nikon 18-55mm camera lens” is an example of a search with the intent to buy a specific product. A search like this will bring up results tailored around shopping cart websites.

Position 0 Content

People usually want their first click on google to be their last. They want their questions answered as quickly as possible. As such, Google developed what is known as “Position 0.” This search result appears as a box with a snippet from a website that provides an answer to their query. These answers will generally come from content-rich pages like Wikipedia, or more authoritative sources, depending on the question. While it may be difficult to pass Wikipedia on raw information, more specific questions can go to smaller websites. Having content tailored to FAQ’s can be a great place to start.

Google My Business Listing

Generally, it is essential for a small business to be locally known. Roughly 46% of all Google searches are looking for something nearby. Google My Business is a free, online listing by Google. This listing will be automatically generated from pre-existing online content, but this will be often inaccurate. You need to claim it as the business owner, and make sure that the content is correct, and up to date. Be sure to upload some quality images, and your hours of operation. Your Google My Business listing is a key part of developing strong, local SEO; because you are giving content directly to the search engine.

Video Marketing and SEO

Websites seriously need to consider video content for their SEO in 2020. According to Comscore, an American media analytics company, video content on your site can increase your chances of being clicked on by up to 53 times. Videos encourage users to stay on your site for longer than they might otherwise. Make sure to optimize your video when uploading it. Embedding your video from YouTube or Vimeo can help reduce the impact it can have on your site speed.

Enhance your Reputation with Reviews

Overall, positive reviews are important for developing a good reputation online. Users are more likely to trust a company with more stars, and a higher amount of reviews. Ask friends, valued customers, and major clients to leave a good review on your Google My Business page, Facebook, Yelp, and more. These reviews can all increase your chances of ranking higher on search engines.

Revitalize to Re-Optimize SEO

Information changes and pages can get stale over time. Posting consistently on your blog, with new, SEO-rich content can help your website rank higher. Additionally, updating content on important pages of your website can increase your rank, as SEO bots will see that your website is being changed. When you make these changes, be sure to edit your content to be optimized for SEO.

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