Web Design & Internet Marketing

BetterBizWorks takes a comprehensive approach to web design and internet marketing.  There are  over 109 million websites in the world.  Most of them are built and forgotten. What will make yours stand out and be remembered? BetterBizworks starts out by offering custom websites with a traditional full service back end or a customizable back end that you can update on your own, that allows you to make changes and optimize your site whenever you like. Current SEO techniques require frequent changes to your website content to keep up with a sea of changing events. We also offer the best methods for organic website growth. content is paramount in web design. BetterBizworks has staff that will help you compose meaningful content, blogs, articles and newsletters which search engines rank better than traditional webpages. We will keep you up to date on the latest website ranking trends.  Interative websites are also an ongoing trend, so including videos, picture galleries, audio files, e-books, documents and more can also be included in the planning of your website. BetterBizWorks designs all types of websites from the most conservative to the extreme cutting edge. We have website packages from one page ad sites to over 200,000 page online directories and guides.  No job is too large or too small.


BetterBizWorks takes great pride in our Web Design. We create professional high quality websites designed to effectively expand your business reach over the web. Our web design professionals work very closely with the customer to get their vision accomplished.  We specialize in the design of full featured web sites including image galleries, embedded audio and video, e-commerce, and any other feature available in order to best meet the clients’ needs. Our design professionals are also experts in creating visually stunning flash sites that will blow the competition away.  BetterBizWorks breaks the web development process down into simple steps. We start first by getting to know you and exactly what you want and expect from a website. Every step of the way, our staff will work closely with you to ensure that your vision is accomplished, and that your completed website drives you business or organization to success!

Technologies incorporated into our projects include valid XHTML, PHP, AJAX, MySQL, Flash and more. We have in-house expertise in both design and programming, so that your vision can be made a reality from conception to completion. The best part is that we don’t stop there.

We have a marketing program to take you from web design into web promotion. Once your site is done the journey to success begins. No website is complete without email marketing. We can build custom branded email newsletters to match your website and corporate identity.  We believe every website should offer an email newsletter on their contact page.  Once you start collecting email information on your website from potential new customers you can easily start emailing and create brand awareness. Email is exponentially more cost effective than traditional mail campaigns. Get more effective marketing than letters and post cards at less than 1% of the cost.

Pay Per Click Ad management –  If you have thought about trying  Pay Per Click advertising, look no further.  BetterBizWorks can set up, customize and monitor your pay per click advertising for you.  You tell us what you would like to market and who you would like to advertise to and we will do the rest for you.  We do comprehensive research on you competition. We’ll let you know what your competition spends on, and what ads and keywords work best for them.  Then we’ll build a program that works better for you. We do the work and you save money and time.

Hosting – BetterBizWorks offers our customers industry standard professional web hosting using the latest quad core processor technology and the tested Apache Linux Web Server. These servers all include back-up generators to ensure that your site will remain up with little to no downtime in the event of a power failure.

All hosting accounts include:

  • 150 GB of Disk Storage
  • POP3/ IMAP Secure Email Support
  • 1500 GB/month Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • FTP Access
  • SSH Access
  • MySQL Databases
  • PHP5 Support
  • Perl5 Support

Be sure to inquire about how you can get a year of free hosting with the purchase of a new website!

Search Engine Optimization – Search engine optimization is not a one time fix. It should be a strategy that is configured and then modified on a periodic basis. Our staff is well versed on the latest in SEO technology and practices. Our Search Engine Submission program techniques have been used by SEO experts who have been working on web site ranking and positioning for many years. It a powerful, complete program, which automates your url submission to over 880,000 search engines, directories and link pages including Yahoo, Dmoz, Google and more. We can work with your content to make sure it is optimized for the searxches that occur the most in your industry.

Our SEO techniques include subscriptions to website ranking tools, keyword analysis, competitive market analysis, meta tag generator, key word density analyzer, web site ranking utility, multi-threaded submission, FTP uploader and more.

Search engines are huge databases that contain information about Millions of web pages which are located on the Internet. Yahoo (www.yahoo.com), Google (www.google.com), Bing (www.bing.com) are the examples of such search engines.

When using a search engine, anybody can quickly and easily find a web site with the information they’re looking for. The question you must ask yourself is, “Can Internet users find my site when they need my information or service?” By registering your site with the proper search engines, this will allow people to easily locate your site!

Having the proper keywords, metatags and descriptions is a basic SEO technique.  BetterBizWorks does market research to find what keywords, phrases and ads would perform best for your business.

Do You Need a New Logo? BetterBizWorks skilled and talented graphic designers are will be happy to  up to brand an image for your business or organization. As with all our services, BetterBizWorks will work closely with you to create a logo that sets you apart from other companies in your field.

When you have BetterBizWorks design your logo, you get up to three revisions. Why should you be stuck with a logo you don’t like? We will ensure that the final product is to your complete satisfaction.

We also have partnered with strategic business’ that can get your logo on business cards, and print advertisement. A partnership with BetterBizWorks is your key to getting your business name out in the world to help ensure your growth and success.

Would your business benefit from being able to access and sell to more customers. With an e-commerce website from BetterBizWorks you will be able to reach more potential customers then you have ever imagined.

Our e-Commerce packages come with all the features of a cutting edge, modern shopping cart web site including:

  • Customer Memory
  • Tell-A-Friend
  • Customer Reviews
  • Best Sellers
  • Advanced Search
  • Advanced Security
  • Credit Card Processing

Once your e-commerce site is built, BetterBizWorks will help you in inserting the first 20 products. We will train you in the running and maintening of your e-commerce site so that you will be able to stay productive and keep it up to date.

BetterbizWorks is adapting the the new tends in M-comerce so that you can integrat mobile payment technology to your website. You can rely on our extnsive expertise in the payment technology arena to keep up with the latest technology in electronic payment processing for your website.

BetterBizWorks can help you with Website Design, Website Services, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Virtual Office,  Point of Sale and the latest in technology solutions for your business.
When you want to get new customers, save money and improve efficiency, turn to BetterBizWorks. With email campaigns, SEO,  pay per click ad management, and social networking programs BetterBizWorks offers you a turnkey solution to your website and internet marketing.

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