Content Management

Part of our service at BetterBizWorks is making sure that your content is relevant and up to date.  Our writers will showcase your website by developing well organized and pertinent information that accurately describes your company and why it’s exceptional.  While many websites contain original yet dated content, we strive for ultimate search engine optimization and thus update the writing on our clients’ website several times throughout our relationships.  Due to new search engine devices, expansions of social networks and other developments in technology, SEO is constantly changing.  This makes it essential to frequently update the content on your business’ website.  By choosing relevant keywords and matching them to the information on your page, your business will have a higher chance of surfacing on search engines.

In addition to composing content for your company, our writers also manage blogs or latest news sections.  We update these pages as often as two times a week allowing your customers to stay tuned with updates, specials or tips about your business. These pages also serve as constant streams of fresh content and new keywords which ultimately strengthen your web presence.