Modern web design is constantly evolving. To compete with chains and franchises; small businesses can get ahead with websites that innovate and create a buzz. Our team can find the right look and style for your custom website, and bring your company forward into 2017. What are some of the key features for sites that are trending?

Stunning Images

Images over text. Today’s news, ads, social media, and more are much more video and image based than ever before. High-quality images and even a short video can create important visual appeal; and make people remember what is being shown. The pictures also need to be optimized for faster loading speeds. Most people will remember and recognize a logo or picture over the text on a website. Text establishes the key information and relays the most critical information to your potential customers; but a picture is worth a thousand words.

Responsive Design

In the past few years, more websites have adapted to the transition of viewing the web. Websites need to be responsive to the screen size; from a large desktop screen to a cell phone. Present the best your small business has to offer, in a big way; with design styles that fit to the viewer’s screen. Burger menus are alright for mobile sites, but most people don’t like them on a computer.


Along with responsive design, websites are moving to a simple design with a long home page. Rather than flipping from page to page, viewers will simply scroll through the site. Eye-catching visuals will keep them interested as they continue down the page. This reduces the number of clicks needed to get the customer the info they need.

Stylized Fonts

Stylized fonts and font sizes can draw attention to vital information. Headings and subheadings reveal the key information from the start. Some websites are moving away from more classic fonts like Times New Roman and Georgia, creating a unique look for their website. Just don’t use Comic Sans. Never use Comic Sans. Just don’t.

Vibrant Colors

Vibrant colors keep your eyes interested; but be careful. You don’t want to make it to strong or overbearing. Designs tend to have color schemes ranging from 3 to 5 colors. Make sure that they complement each other, and they all don’t need to be super bright and vibrant.

Videos to Create Buzz

How-to videos and product reviews allow you to form a connection with your audience. Short, 1 to 2 minute videos, taken with a good camera, and not a phone, can humanize your business to the customers. Reviewing a (good) product you sell or keep your products working well; can show your customers that you not only care about what your business is about; but also how they are doing with the product once it leaves your shelves. Another example would be that restaurants and bakeries can show sizzling dishes or cookies in the oven.
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