Online Ordering, also known as eCommerce, is essential for many small businesses in today’s world. With many big retailers operating online, people have less of a reason to venture outside. Restaurants and retailers alike are utilizing eCommerce to keep themselves afloat.

Own Your eCommerce

While there are many platforms out there that can provide you with online sales, most of them can be detrimental to your profits. Some big-name platforms take as much as 30% of the profits from the sales, and can hit you with all sorts of hidden fees and costs. But with a custom WordPress eCommerce website from BetterBizWorks, you control how your business operates online. We do not take any commissions or profits from your online sales. Upload and manage unlimited products.


eCommerce on WordPress with WooCommerceBetterBizWorks uses WooCommerce, one of the most powerful and most popular shopping cart systems for WordPress. You don’t have to worry about losing support on this platform, because it is created by the makers of WordPress. Simply put, it will continue to operate along with your website; WordPress updates the plugin accordingly. WooCommerce is an open-source platform, which means that you don’t pay for custom programming that can become out of date soon after.

All-in-One Sales

Our custom eCommerce websites are an all-in-one solution to online sales. WooCommerce works with your own merchant services company, as well as most major credit cards, and can work with PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Square, Stripe, and more. Additionally, the platform allows you to give the option of check or cash upon delivery/pick up. The platform allows you to sell pretty much anything; virtual or physical. WooCommerce even allows you to create bundles, product variations, and subscription options. WooCommerce makes it easy to track product stock, including different sizes.  You can even print shipping labels straight from your website. Overall, your website can provide everything you need for online sales.

We specialize in creating custom WordPress websites for small businesses. Contact us for more information, or to get started on creating your very own custom eCommerce website.