Photography by BetterBizWorks

As web developers, we know the importance of quality images. The photos on your website convey your company image. Professional, perfect images are vital to your website and your marketing plan. We have a Certified Professional Photographer on staff capture the perfect images for you, so don’t settle for good, when you can have excellence.

Our team is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and equipment to cover all of your photo and video needs. We do professional portraits and staff photos, location shoots, product photos, and event coverage. We even have an ever-expanding portfolio of models for you to choose from.

Certified Professional Photographer
photography cameras for photos and videography

Product Photos

Whether you need to make a catalog, run an online store, create a marketing campaign, or simply show your products on your website, we have the experience and equipment to take consistent, well-done pictures of your products. We offer in-house product photography in our private studio, as well as on-location product shoots at your business location. Overall, high-quality photos on your shopping cart site help sell your products. Having pictures at different levels of lighting, different levels of zoom, and different sizes creates an ugly, unprofessional look. Our setup lets us take consistent shots that will be uniform across your site.

We offer this service to help your e-commerce website become more successful. We even have a portfolio of models if you want to show off your products in use. This is especially important for things like clothing, eyewear, fitness equipment. People are more likely to buy something they’re going to wear if they can see someone already wearing the item.

toy products photography in an online shopping cart site

Location Shoots

BetterBizWorks offers location shoots for small businesses. Highlight a new menu item or your newly renovated space. We also offer videography for location shoots as well as 3D virtual tours.

For a portfolio of our work, click here. Contact us, or call us at 1-347-619-0100, to discuss your photography needs, and how BetterBizWorks can help you.