With a smartphone in everyone’s pocket these days, it can be easy to question why you need a professional photo for your online presence. But, as a business professional, going the extra mile can make a huge difference. Hiring a professional photographer is a good step towards improving how you are seen as a potential job candidate or to a potential client. A professional headshot can be a smart way to class up and personalize your LinkedIn profile, website about page, or business card. This article will cover the aspects that make up a professional photo, and why they are important.

Professional Headshots over Selfies

Selfies are not for LinkedIn. While many people consider selfies commonplace, the importance of a professional headshot is that it sets you apart. It shows that you took the time and energy to compose a professional photo. Composing a headshot with the right lighting, background, outfit, hair & makeup will stand out far and above a selfie with an Instagram filter.

Leaving the Right First Impression

Like it or not, people judge a book by its cover. But leaving the right first impression can make a difference in that exchange. A good headshot can act as a proper introduction. The importance of a first impression is that it can establish how the client or interviewer feels about you before you even meet.

Be Recognizable

On Instagram and even Facebook, almost every photo goes through filters. These filters can go over the top to remove wrinkles and remove features that make you look like you. And while some editing can be helpful to any photo, these filters can go over the top. Generally, you want clients to recognize you in person.

Be Current

Too many business professionals have photos on their profiles that are clearly too old. It is important to update your profile with more recent professional photos. Age affects us all. Wrinkles and graying hair are natural and can help show your experience. Don’t hide behind a years-old picture. Avoid catfishing potential clients or employers. Embrace your experience and show the current you.

Professional Headshots Show Confidence

Good headshots can go a long way in showing your confidence as a professional. Confidence and professionalism are important in cultivating a good client relationship from the very beginning.

Good Headshots Show Your Personality

A quality headshot can show off your personality. Let your audience get an idea of who you are. A great smile and a professional pose can go a long way in helping you produce the kind of message you want.

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