Leah enjoys lifestyle, editorial, and fashion shoots. She has a background in dance, pageants, and acting that helps her bring more personality to every shoot.  BetterBizWorks teams up with local models and actors to help provide quality photography and videos. To hire Leah as a model for your next photo or video shoot with BetterBizWorks, contact us.

  • Leah model - redhead with glasses
  • Leah - redhead model in black with white jacket, orange background
  • Leah Model, profile shot of redhead model in dark dress
  • Leah, model - black and white photo of model in dark dress
  • Leah models - redhead model in front of cityscape background in dark dress
  • Leah models - redhead model in yoga pose, lotus position, meditations
  • Leah, models - redhead young woman in jeans and a black top
  • Leah, models, redhead young woman in white pantsuit and sunglasses