Lead Generation

Internet Marketing

Marketing your business or non-profit is absolutely vital to it’s survival. In the digital age, you have to go further to reach your customer base. Thankfully, BetterBizWorks has the web-based solutions that can help make you more reachable online. Although, simply reaching a customer is not enough. You have to become a source of information and entertainment for potential customers. We can help you get there.

Internet Marketing analytics

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is not something that can be perfected to last forever.  Because the trends of SEO are rapidly changing, there is no destination to completeness. Therefore, it is a constantly changing part of any good marketing plan. By utilizing the most contemporary techniques, we can help you stay ahead of the curve.

When turning to Google or Bing, SEO practices help you find what you need. While many people use search engines, most don’t look past page 1. By putting a focus on SEO, we can help your website come up closer to the top. Our expert team is well-versed in the latest SEO technology and practices. We are always working hard to find the right SEO practices for today’s trends. Our techniques add to the success of our exceptional websites.  Our marketing team is always honing their SEO skills, to generate high site ranking and positioning for years.

At BetterBizWorks, we use a surplus of SEO techniques. Some of these techniques include competitive market analysis, keyword density analyzers, website ranking utility, and more.  These methods along with other approaches will guarantee that your website contains relative keywords and an advertisement plan that works for your industry.

Social Media Marketing

Let us create and promote your business through social media by using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social site.  In less than a decade, these sites have evolved from trivial individual pages into immense networks. From this, many businesses thrive because of their social media presence.  Social networking allows you to easily and freely connect with people on your page. Unlike e-mail which requires the effort to open and read, your network page updates will automatically appear on your followers news feed.  Social media offers a casual and successful way to remind people about your business without being irritating or invasive. As a result, a successful social media page can help bring in new customers, and keep existing ones engaged.  Through our experience with social networking, we have mastered the technique of gathering and maintaining followers which has promoted countless businesses in the tri-state area.

E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

Aside from the benefit of attracting new clients, e-Mail marketing campaigns can be the single most effective way to maintain a connection with old customers.   If formulated properly, e-mail marketing will strengthen the familiarity of your business by offering new products or services to existing customers.  All e-mail marketing campaigns are designed to look like your website and help build your brand. Aside from helping you create content for your newsletters, we will develop an email marketing program so you can save money and gain customers.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Drive traffic to your website with pay-per-click advertising.  Click-through rates help determine the value of your campaign and help us find where we can prioritize customers based on their searches. Capitalize on our knowledge of pay-per-click ads for less than it would cost to do it yourself. At BetterBizWorks, you can depend on our marketing experts to formulate an advertising program that will work for you.

Content Generation

Content is very important to your website ranking and staying relevant. By adding related content to your website, we can help make it easier for consumers to find you. Through blog writing, we can help you rise up in ranking while making your website a reliable source of information in your field. While every business has its own focus, our team has cultivated a vast knowledge of topics and skills that help us deliver quality content for your blog page.

Photography and Videography

In the digital age, visuals are key to online success. That is why BetterBizWorks offers photography and videography services. We offer production options for live-action or animated videos for your business. Our quality photography can help boost your next marketing project, add to your social media presence, or give a fresh look to your website. BetterBizWorks also offer live photography/video services for events. Capture the essence of your business with a 3D virtual tour of your premises.

BetterBizWorks has the web-based solutions to help pull your business ahead of the competition online. Call us now at 212-904-0020, or contact us.