Headshot Photography For Business Professionals

In today’s digital-focused world, putting your best foot forward online is vital. BetterBizWorks offers professional photography for high-quality headshots and staff photography. From your LinkedIn profile to your business card, highlighting a level of professionalism is important to building trust between yourself and a new client or employer. Additionally, we offer other business-focused photography services to fit all of your professional needs. From staff photo sessions to product staging for eCommerce, we have the photography solutions you need to advance your business online.

Personal or Whole-Office Photography Services

Adding professional photos of yourself and your staff to your business page adds a level of personality and trust to your company. Personal branding begins with you. Highlighting your own professional style is important for stepping up how you connect with clients. One thing that small businesses do better than most corporations is bringing in a personal connection. High-quality headshots allow you to add that personal touch, without compromising professionalism. We work with your staff to ensure that you are getting consistent images for the staff photos. This helps create a generally cohesive style for your brand imaging.

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Professional Profile Photos for Social Media

For business owners and other professionals, a polished profile picture can set you apart from the rest of the chaff. Setting yourself up for success on all platforms is a good way to create a brand for yourself. Having a cohesive image across all of your social media platforms is also a good way to help you be more recognizable to potential clients. For platforms such as LinkedIn, it can be especially important to appear professional in your profile picture. Selfies passed through Instagram or Snapchat filters to not show you in a professional light.

Staff Photos for Business Pages

Staff photos for your website can help bring a more familial aspect to your business. It helps people get to know who they are working with. Additionally, staff photos can help enhance the about page of your website. We have a wide variety of backdrops for our business photography services, so we can help you find one that fits the style of your website. As web designers ourselves, we can provide you with both high-resolution pictures, as well as web-optimized versions for your site.

ERAS Photos for Medical Professionals

We offer photography services for residents, medical students, and fellowships. These photos are important to building familiarity between you and interviewers when applying for jobs at hospitals and medical offices. Because not everyone submits a photo, a quality professional photo can help you stand out above the crowd when they are compiling lists of applicants. Our photographers can take your professional headshot for your ERAS application, and provide you with digital photos formatted to fit their unique system specifications. Our in-house photo sessions are a great way to handle this step of the application process without having to worry about all of the details. We will send you digital versions of a few photos so that you can pick the one that you prefer. After that, simply upload it to the MyERAS program.

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BetterBizWorks offers professional business headshots and staff photos for all fields. Contact us to discuss your photography needs, and to schedule a photo session. We offer shoots in-house or on location at your office.

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