Today, Search engine optimization is built around user experience. The consumer’s experience includes load-time of a website, web content and how it is written over visual appearance, interaction, and engagement. At BetterBizWorks we can help you create a better experience which can naturally bring you up in the rankings, while improving  your user’s overall experience. We start with  a website that enables the owner to create an interactive and content rich website that’s dynamic.

Most companies have to create fresh content on a regular basis to keep new customers coming to their website.  If you don’t have time to add fresh content we can write articles for you. We can add keywords, meta descriptions, and titles that best describe your business and the content on your site. Pay-per-click ad management is also available for you. We offer Virtual Private Hosting for faster website loading, which makes the user experience better, especially for smart phones and tablets.

We can create sites that are mobile and interactive for a better user experience. We can help you get found on the internet with the right keyword searches.  Feel free to contact us and set an appointment to discuss your needs 212 -904-0020.