Internet Marketing



Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is not something that can be perfected and put in place to last forever.  Because the trends of SEO are rapidly changing, there is no destination to completeness, there is only a journey and goal to maintain the success of a website by utilizing the most contemporary techniques.

Well versed in the latest SEO technology and practices, our expert team applies numerous methods which attribute to the success of our exceptional websites.  Our Search Engine Submission program techniques have been used by SEO experts who have been working on web site ranking and positioning for many years.  This powerful system automates your URL submission to over 880,000 search engines, directories and link pages including Yahoo, Dmoz, Google and more.

Massive databases such as Google, Bing or Yahoo are commonly known as search engines and serve as the libraries to millions of web-pages across the Internet.  When turning to one of these search engines in hopes of finding a product, service or site, you will notice that certain websites are easier to find than others.  While reasons for this can vary, pages which are simple to locate tend to be connected to search engines through carefully selected keywords and advertisements.  At BetterBizWorks, we use a surplus of SEO techniques including keyword analyzer, subscriptions to website ranking tools, competitive market analysis, meta tag generator, key word density analyzer, web site ranking utility, multi-threaded submission and FTP uploader.  These methods along with other approaches will guarantee that your website contains relative keywords and an advertisement plan that works for your industry.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Drive traffic to your website with pay per click advertising.  This contemporary form of Internet marketing will cultivate revenue by way of click-through rates on an advertisement.  At BetterBizWorks we’ve spent our own advertising money promoting over 40 of our own websites as well as optimizing pay per click ads for many of our clients. We have a way for you to capitalize on our knowledge of pay per click advertising for less than it would cost to do it yourself.  At BetterBizWorks, you can depend on our marketing experts to formulate an advertising program that will include the most current and adequate keywords for your industry. Contact us for more information on Pay Per Click Advertising.

Affiliate Advertising Program Management

Affiliate advertising is a form of online marketing in which the revenue of a product or service is shared by a seller and an online publisher. Usually endorsed through blogs, profit is gained when a reader takes interest in the ad by clicking, registering or purchasing the product. While affiliate advertising can be a great way to bring in money it can be useless and even costly if content is dated or inefficient.  At BetterBizWorks, we have an extensive background in affiliate advertising so you can expect our team to not only save you the headache of ad maintenance but also to produce revenue through the construction and management of an advertisement model that works.

e-Mail Marketing Campaigns

Aside from the benefit of attracting new clients, e-Mail marketing campaigns can be the single most effective way to maintain a connection with old customers.   If formulated properly, e-mail marketing will strengthen the familiarity of your business by offering new products or services to existing customers.  We have created our own e-mail marketing program that allows us to develop custom templates to resemble your website in an email.  Aside from helping you create content for your newsletters, we will develop an email marketing program so you can save money and gain customers.  Call 212-904-0020 to find out more about our e-mail marketing system.

Online Classified Advertising

BetterBizWorks can help you create and publish classified ads online for multiple websites and directories. If the thought of doing it yourself is far from appealing, you can allow us to publish your ads, coupons, special offers and more.  In addition to advertisements, we publish articles, events and banners for the purpose of generalized promotion.

Squeeze Pages

A Squeeze Page is a single page website offering a service or product available to a customer for immediate purchase.  This type of page which is simple and direct is ideal for presenting a service or product that doesn’t require a large amount of content.  Setting this type of page up as a way to collect email addresses for future communication is also a common use. While squeeze pages are usually basic in form, our team has ample experience with designing interactive pages that include audio, video, email, chat and more.

Social Networking

Let us create and promote your business through social networking by using Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, MySpace or any other social site.  In less than a decade, these sites have evolved from trivial individual web pages into immense networks that many of today’s businesses use as a means of generating web traffic to their sites.  Social networking allows you to easily and freely connect with people by inviting them to your group page.  Unlike e-mail which requires the effort to open and read, your network page updates will automatically appear on your followers news feed.  This is a casual and successful way to remind people about your business without being irritating or invasive.  Through our experience with social networking, we have mastered the technique of gathering and maintaining followers which in turn has promoted countless businesses in the tri-state area.