GOOGLE WEBMASTER LOGOGoogle Webmaster tools are an important business strategy for your company’s website. Webmaster offers data, tools, and diagnostics for a healthy, Google friendly site and it’s FREE. By utilizing Webmaster, you will increase the likelihood of being found against other competitors. You will also have the ability to check the condition of your site’s health for possible issues that Google has acknowledged and understand your search traffic to learn how consumers are locating your site. Find out which Google search queries stimulate traffic to your site, and see exactly how users arrive there. Google’s Webmaster Tools is vital for your business to survive against competition and to increase the overall quality of your website. Here is some important information about Webmaster tools that Google offers:

What kind of information do these tools give?

  • Checks incoming links

This tool shows the amount of quality links that are coming from other sites. This is a vital part of any search engine optimization. If the website is a new launch, it is important to get links from the other sites to be able to achieve positive ranking with Google.

  • Get your site checked for errors

Your website should be checked for errors such as broken links. This is a very bad user experience since it leads to the customers going somewhere else.

  • Keyword searches

This webmaster tool helps you to see the diverse keywords and phrases used by the consumer before visiting your site. This information is significant in finding out and creating new keywords which can be used for search engine optimization and lead to new traffic.

  • Keywords

Knowing the keywords that Google uses and their ranking criteria will benefit your company’s website. It’s not a good idea to use the keywords in mind since they might not aid in getting a good ranking.

  • Links to your website

Get other sites to link up to your website which would help in increasing the rankings. A great way is to constantly monitor this using the Google Webmaster Tools and see what pages on the website are getting the highest number of hits.

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