The COVID-19 pandemic has shown small business owners one thing, the need for an online presence. While many restaurants set up Seamless or Uber Eats in order to keep operating through the shutdown, many of these systems can take a huge chunk of your profits. The same problem can occur for retail stores. Some online ordering companies can take as much as 30% of the sale; forcing you to either raise prices or suffer losses. Now that you’ve seen how much online ordering can benefit your business; it’s time to take control, with your own online ordering website.

The Problems with Major Online Ordering Systems

Big brand systems like Grubhub, Slice, and others aren’t looking out for you. They want to make a profit selling your food. Many of the more widespread online ordering systems control your point-of-sale system and can charge you extra fees, even on non-order phone calls. There have even been class-action suits against a number of these corporations because of sneaky fees and charges that cost restaurant owners hundreds.

Online Ordering with WordPress

Your custom WordPress website can be used to create your very own eCommerce platform. Selling on your own website means that you won’t be competing for screen space with competitors. Additionally, you won’t be losing profits to commission fees. Whether your small business specializes in retail or food; you deserve a system that won’t cheat you or your customers. With your custom eCommerce system on your website; you can be confident that you are in control of your online sales. BetterBizWorks can help you create your custom eCommerce website, without any sales fees for us. We help small businesses like you reclaim their online ordering.

eCommerce and Returning to “Normal”

It will take a long time for NYC to go back to normal, and many consumers are going to continue to want online ordering and curbside pickup. Moreover, a good number of businesses in Manhattan are keeping employees at home for the foreseeable future. With this change in how our city operates, there will be a growing demand for online ordering. In order to stay afloat in this strange new reality, you may need your own eCommerce website. See our eCommerce page for more details.

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