Schema is a new form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that helps websites read your information with ease. Schema is a relatively new markup system that can be added to your website. Like other forms of SEO, Schema adds code to the website that helps a search engine site like Google, Bing, or Yahoo find your page easier. It is put into your website’s code in addition to previous methods of SEO.

What is Schema For?

Schema markup assist search engines in finding your site when someone searches for information pertaining to you. Like other methods of SEO, the schema program highlights important information and brings it to the forefront of your page for the search engines to find. The biggest difference is that Schema is designed, mainly, for voice searches. As more and more computer hardware adapts to allow for voice search, it is important that the search engine sites follow suit.
When people search with voice systems, they often word their searches differently than via typing. This leads to an all new form of data processing and search methodology. Laptops, desktops, tablets, and cellphones provide voice search services. Basic AI software like Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, and Cortana offer users a more interactive experience to voice search that helps people become more accustomed to the newer technology.

What Does Schema Highlight?

As with more traditional SEO data structures, Schema highlights much of the same data. Site name, phone number, a short description, physical address, et cetera. But schema also allows sites like Google to discover more detailed information faster, and highlight that information for you. Store hours, company logo, ratings, reviews, and more can all be built into the code of your website. There is currently no data that microdata such as Schema has a direct affect on web traffic or ratings. But, rich snippets can make your web page appear higher on search engine result pages.

Is My SEO Obsolete?

Schema does not render your old SEO out-of-date. Rather, it is an add-on to your existing SEO system that enhances your pre-existing setup. Schema is a relatively new system. While developers have been playing with ways to add it to websites for about 2 years, Google only turned on their adaptive schema program to their search engine within the last few months. While your SEO is not obsolete without Schema, within the next few years, it may just be.

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