Many people are looking for new and innovative ways to show their products and services online. There are many ways to present your business online. The right website is imperative for a successful online marketing campaign. There are countless ways to create. I came across a video from another designer that I thought should be shared.


Large background images can be an effective online presentation for the right product. Using a large background image for a visually pleasing product can be an excellent way showcase visually appealing items or landscapes. It doesn’t work for every product or client. I have seen websites with hideous  


Single page design works for smaller businesses with less content. I am not a fan of single page design because in my experience, it’s harder to get a decent page rank with a single page design. People don’t normally like to scroll down beyond “the fold” or the visible portion of the screen. This method isn’t recommended for good SEO, but can be used for a low cost website that doesn’t need lots of content.


Textures and noise in website design can add depth and keep a website interesting. We like the more subtle textures. I have seen this go way too far.  The texture shouldn’t outweigh the focal points on the website. The author of the video below is showing very subtle textures. Subtle is tasteful. Bold textures can be gaudy. Do the web world a favor and stay subtle with you textures.

Responsive design is becoming a necessity for certain industries and will become the standard very soon. Responsive design allows your site to present to different browsers and platforms with a compatible layout that makes the most out of the product the visitor is using. For example a modified look for smart phones and tablets versus the standard PC. Some of the responsive design today is a detriment to the user instead of an enhancement. Bad responsive design is worse than none at all. If you can’t afford good responsive design and the cost of changing the design with the newest hardware as it comes out my advice is to stay with standard website until you can. We offer responsive design at Betterbizworks Web Design. Responsive design is wonderful but has certain drawbacks. Speak to a professional to see if responsive design is something you should consider.


Flat UI design has a simpler more flattened look by omitting the use of drop shadows. It is clean looking but clients don’t always feel that the site “pops” with a flat design. Sometimes a simpler flat design can bring out the life in your products. Flat design has it’s place and if you want something that’s easy on the eye, it is something I would consider.


Take a look at the video below to see examples of these trends. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 212-904-0020