2019 is upon us and the ever changing world of web design is evolving. Every year design companies launch new ideas, and sometimes they take the digital design world by storm. Let’s take a look at some growing trends of web design in 2019.

Professionalism vs. Playfulness  


Many companies in the have been using playful font styles and colors for their logos for as long as anyone can remember, however this is becoming a thing of the past. Many companies are going for a more straight edge and professional look now.

An example would be switching from a playful and bold font like Pacifico to a more straight edge and professional font such as Comfortaa. The thing that people find appealing about this change is that it brings a more mature and clean look to your website.

A clean website that is easy to read with plenty of white space is trending right now, and if you plan on going in that direction with your business’ website, you MUST change your logo as well to match the theme.


Video Content


Many websites use videos to display their brand. A growing trend is to use video animation or video backgrounds. Combining a clean website with a sleek design and a video background makes your website look as professional as those such as Apple and Amazon. Many websites will also have a large video banner which you could scroll through as an interface and use to display what you have to offer on your site.


Dynamic Scrolling


Dynamic scrolling is becoming the next big thing in website display. Past trends showed that people wanted small pages with limited scrolling, however recently designers realized that if you add dynamics where scrolling begins to seem almost interactive, revealing more and more of an image as you scroll. Or even moving graphics which move away as you scroll passed them. Strategies like these will make your users want to scroll through the information, as it becomes more interesting since the users become involved.  


A Website for all Platforms


When creating a website in 2019 you must make sure that it is fully functionable and easy to use on all platforms. Many companies say “mobile first” however, mobile is easy. Your site should look great on a pc, displaying everything that your company has to offer. When a company puts mobile first they put an end to the importance of detailed graphic design which you can not get on a mobile device. Seeing your website in all its glory on a large screen cant be replaced on a cell phone, however it must look great on both. It is important to keep your site up to date on all platforms and ensure that your viewers have the same experience sitting at their computer chair as they do on the go in the palm of their hands.


In Store Website Menus


Talking about big screens, stores have been using tv displayed menus that are connected to their website. These menus will make your business look more professional, and run much easier from a behind the scenes standpoint. Using these types of menus will also eliminate the cost of printwork from your business. The great part about menus like these is that price changes and product updates can be done within minutes, even from behind the counter at your restaurant. You can update specials and and offers throughout the day with the touch of a button.


Combining these trends and using them to enhance your website will put you above the rest. Always ensure that you keep up with the present trends in web design so you don’t fall behind in the quickly evolving world of web design.

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