When you are looking to build an online presence for your business, the first step is to choose a platform to build your website. WordPress websites make up around 30 percent of all websites on the internet; while Squarespace only holds about 2 percent. WordPress is build to be both user-friendly and adaptable, while Squarespace is a cookie-cutter product that limits customization.


Some people believe that Squarespace is superior due to its easy-to-use and navigate presentation. However, this platform utilizes pre-set templates and colors that may limit your freedom in the process of creating your dream website.
A platform such as WordPress leaves nearly endless opportunities to create professional-looking website for your business. Almost anything you can imagine can be created with the use of coding and their wide selection of plug-ins.
When it comes to a platform like Squarespace, you enter a “building mode” where design is limited by choices. It is a “what you see is what you get” platform. They have a drag and drop content creator where you build it yourself. Like other DIY website platforms, the lack of options and malleability leaves much to be desired for more creative businesses. Between the two, WordPress allows the designer more choices for site development, design and layout. Squarespace just has preset templates.

How Your Choice can Affect your Business

This is done through building your search engine optimization (S.E.O) through blog and article posts over time on your website. The more content you have on your site the more easily a search engine will recognize it and bring it closer to the top of the search list using key words.
Wordpress’ plugins create more SEO friendly paths than any other platform will, with the ability to name them with descriptions and add permalinks. Platforms like squarespace will have pages that are prenamed where you can just change the title. A search engine will always read the paths that lead to the article first, so if the path is properly named throughout, which wordpress will do, it will be easier to read for a search engine therefore boosting your SEO more than other platforms will.
A Squarespace website will not have much of a long term benefit to your company’s online presence in terms of SEO as WordPress can. Squarespace sites on average have a much lower reach than those designed on WordPress. WordPress sites have a lot more ways to create a more robust SEO portfolio; and can therefore be found a lot more easily online.

Plug-ins and Customization

WordPress offers thousands of different plug-ins, which makes it more possible to develop a site to fit your company’s needs. You can sell products through an online store, add contact forms, create comment sections, write blog articles, and more. WordPress also allows developers and programmers around the world to build their own programs and plug-ins; and to share them with others. The library of customization options is ever-expanding
Squarespace does not offer extra plugins and only offers pre-loaded apps on the website. They may be easy to use, but they do not allow for the same level of customization and development provided by WordPress’ vast selection of plugins and customizable themes.
Squarespace offers limited customization intended to be a DIY program. While WordPress can also be used without knowing a lot about web design; it allows for much more expansive development and creative design.

If you’re trying to build a website for your business be sure to make the best choice and use this article as guidance. This article is based off of our experience of the online world, as well as talking with business owners who have used both platforms.
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