ZaversGoogleLogoZavers by Google is a clever, simple real-time digital coupon solution and an important business tool to give you an edge over the competition. Zavers is a quick and accessible way to offer proper coupons to the right shoppers, increase rewards programs, and trace redemption in real-time. Consumers can find the manufacturer discounts on their preferred retailer websites and add the digital coupon to their online cards. At checkout, savings are automatically deducted when customers swipe their rewards cards or type in a phone number.


Provide faithful customers with applicable coupons, spread incentive programs, and make settlement quicker.


Reward your customers by increasing existing incentive programs and reward shopping with digital coupons. Also, you can manufacturer discounts to customers without creating an incentive program.


Boost transaction speed at the register: coupons can be applied to purchases without the showing and scanning of paper or digital coupons. Redemption happens in real time, decreasing checkout time. Consumers using Google Wallet can rapidly redeem their coupons by tapping their phone at checkout.


Simplify coupon settlement: Zavers by Google makes payment stress free, faster and avoids fraud.


Increase shopping cart: Get admission to Google's broad network of manufacturer coupons to assist you in increasing basket size and traffic to new aisles.

Target distribution: Consumer segmentation capabilities allow you to provide the right coupons for the right customers. Expand the reach of targeted coupons through the internet with the Google ad network.

Zavers by Google may be a great alternative to other online coupon solutions. We think it’s worth a try. As with any online coupon solution, you need to figure profitability, projected repeat business and ROI. To learn more about Google Zavers go to

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