Creating content can be easy; but in order to make quality, meaningful content that reaches your market, you need to know exactly what to go for. Whether your business is based in New York, New Jersey, or wherever; having content that brings organic traffic to your website can bring you the best results. No matter how much money you throw at banner ads and promotional boosts on social media, good content on a custom website can be the difference between a visitor and a client.

Appeal to Search Engines, But Write For Your Customer

Most people that need goods or services these days start with a Google search. By utilizing keywords and important phrases within your web content and blog articles, you can bring in more organic traffic. Search engines try to match the words in the search bar with the content on your website. It is important for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your site. Blog articles allow you to organically integrate these words; in a natural way, while simultaneously providing fresh content to the site. Please remember that your first and foremost obligation is to make for good reading for your customer.

Appeal Visually

Pictures, video, and graphics are great for attracting new customers. But only when utilized well. Use these graphics to draw potential customers in on social media. Provide a link to the corresponding article along with it. Don’t post the entire article on your Facebook page or in a tweet. This can weaken a site’s SEO, as it is an exact copy of your content. Create a teaser instead. A simple, call to action can help intrigue potential readers, and bring them to your site.

Study Your Audience

Who is your audience? What is the demographic you reach, and who do you want to reach? What are your most frequently asked questions? What problems do you want to solve for them? All of these questions, and more, will help you determine who and what your content should be focused around. Your web content and blog articles should be geared towards their issues and what you can do to help.

Study the Elite

With every small business, there is an industry leader. It is important to look beyond to find new and interesting content an innovation to discuss. Design trends, new technology, video integration, etc. Finding what is new and exciting will give you more things to talk about, and will allow you to have trendier content. Whether it is innovative or just eye-catching, many industry leaders will post content for the same reason a small businesses do. To be found, and to obtain more clients. Potential clients may look inward towards their local community businesses if you show up for similar searches and content. Try not to copy things. Create your own original content and voice. Plagiarism is illegal.

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