As with most industries, real estate marketing has become all about the digital. Websites like Zillow and Redfin help agents get their listings out to more people. Now potential buyers can shop at their leisure from home, and make appointments to see the properties they want. One way that real estate agents can show off their properties more effectively is through 3D Virtual Tours.

What are Virtual Tours?

A 3D virtual tour is a digital walkthrough of your real estate property that can be viewed by potential buyers. These tours allow online users to explore homes, apartments, and commercial listings from their phones, tablets, or computers. And while this is not a full substitute for a true walkthrough with an agent, it can often help increase interest and turnover in a listing.

Standing Out With Virtual Tours

A virtual tour helps your listing stand out from all of the others on real estate websites. Listings with tours are generally engaged with more and receive more interest than those without. Virtual walkthroughs can generate almost 50% more leads than a more conventional listing. Additionally, properties with virtual tours can create up to 4 times as many inquiries as those without. Properties can sell up to five times faster when they have a virtual walkthrough.

Integration With Listing Platforms

Most popular listing websites include virtual tour integration. These companies understand the importance of 3D virtual tours and work to ensure that they are operational on both desktop and mobile versions of their website.

Weeding Out Uninterested Parties

Many people who look for a new home or apartment online will schedule an appointment for a home that isn’t a good fit for them. This can make realtors feel like they are wasting their time. A virtual tour allows for potential buyers to engage with the property and make sure that they are actually interested in it before they see it. Because virtual tours can show off the property online, it can be easier to get interested buyers to schedule appointments, while reducing the amount of “window shoppers.” Overall, this will help you get more positive showings, which are more likely to convert into sales.

Increasing Overall Engagement With Virtual Tours

Engagement is vital to converting a listing into a sale. Buyers that engage with a virtual tour are more likely to invest more time into looking at the property. This allows them to get a feel for space before they book an appointment. Overall, a virtual tour lets a buyer fall in love with the property before they even reach out to you.

Reaching People Worldwide

Online listings let potential buyers across the country, and even the world, see the property. However, photos alone may not be enough to complete the sale. A virtual tour allows potential buyers to explore the space before they commit the time to travel to see the space. Generally, this means that your listing can receive more widespread engagement and interest that can lead to a sale.

Show Clients Multiple Listings At Once

If a buyer comes to see your listings, your virtual tours will let you show them multiple properties without leaving your office. Walk them through a tour of a property, with all of the talking points you would make on-site.

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