To keep up with the competition, innovation in marketing is needed. With smartphones as everyone’s main source of information and online interaction, marketing is taking a more immersive turn. Immersive Marketing is all about getting the viewer involved – in more ways than retweets or comments. The ability to not only interact with your audience, but to create the image that your business is the right choice for them is possible with today’s technology. When someone decides to go out to eat, the restaurant owner wants the consumer to think about his business, rather than a competitor’s. Immersive Marketing is about keeping your company on the consumer’s mind.
Native Marketing is a way to interest the consumer in a way that can be overlooked. By discussing trends in your field and interesting innovations, you create a reason for a potential customer to come to you when they need your services. People aren’t renovating their kitchen every month. But when they do, they may well remember the contractor that discussed a new and interesting trend a few weeks back. These interest pieces make you an expert on the subject to those that might not know more about the topic; which is important to potential customers.
Much of what is out on Facebook feeds now is video. It is easy for anyone to watch a video on a social media website. And most people would rather watch a video than take the time to read an article. A cool or exciting video can go viral with a few shares on Facebook. More and more videos are showing up on social media, as anyone can make them. But the ones that people really pay attention to are the higher quality videos with good content.
Livestreaming is a great technology to have for a growing business. Live footage in the past was only for the news and sports; but now anyone with a computer or smartphone can stream live video content and interact with their audience directly. Create a livestream webinar on Google Hangouts, or utilize Facebook’s live video to show off a new product.
Online shopping is becoming more and more integrated into our society. We are at the point that we could order milk off of Amazon, instead of sending our kid to the corner store. Shopping carts online allow for small businesses to become even more accessible to your consumers.
An app for your business advertises your business to those who download it, mainly return customers. Open your phone and what do you see? All of those apps are from companies, whose logos you see whenever you unlock your phone. Apps for small business are great for loyalty programs, coupons, push notifications, online ordering, and more.
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