Better Biz Works looks at any number of websites throughout any given day. Many websites that were built a few years ago may not look as good today. Studies have shown that the way your website looks is just as important as the content. An older looking website is an easy way to make potential customers turn away from your business. A well-designed, good looking website goes a long way in getting customers to come to your business. A website with a proper design and format can easily attract more business than one that is outdated or odd looking. Clashing colors, pop up ads, and old design layouts can turn the public’s eye away from your site, even with the right SEO. The SEO work done on your site can get you higher up in a potential customer’s online search, but an outdated or unprofessional website design can still make them turn away from your business.There are a number of factors that make a website unattractive to a potential customer. Thanks to the convenience of the internet, if a potential customer doesn’t like your website, they can always check the next one on the list.
Pop-up ads are a quick way to turn people away. A big, obnoxious pop-up ad while loading a site, or even while you are on it, is a big turn off to many web users. Splash pages and flash introductions are often slow-loading and unnecessary.
The color of your website should be thematic to your logo and business, but not too boring or too flashy. The colors should not contrast or pop out too much, and it should be easy to read the content.
The text on the site can be a turnoff to potential customers. Not the content itself necessarily, but the style or layout of the text. If there is way too much, or even too little, your viewer may get bored or annoyed. The color and size of the text can be a huge factor. You don’t want it to be too big or too small, or too straining on the eyes. Font is a major factor. Use something plain and simple, or add a little elegance. Don’t use Comic Sans. You really can’t go wrong with something as easy to read as Times New Roman.
Navigation is an important part of selling your brand. If your menu bar is too crowded, or there are too many drop-downs, a customer can become confused. Too few pages can leave the pages crowded and the Nav Bar bare. 6 to 9 items on the Menu bar will usually fit well.
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