Social media strategy is key to having a good following and gaining more business in the long run. Developing a digital marketing strategy that fits your business and reflects its style is vital to social media growth. With the following tips, you can create more eye-catching, memorable, and more engaging posts for Facebook or Twitter.

Strategy is Key

As with any business venture, having a plan is an essential first step. Consumers today expect more from social media platforms. They expect information, pictures, videos, reviews, addresses, phone numbers, websites, and more from your page. Customers may already be talking about your business or posting photos online. Having a marketing strategy can mean the difference between interacting with new customers and going unfound online.

Color Schemes

Most companies and corporations stick to a color scheme, even in their marketing content. Coca-Cola has stuck with the red and white colors for a long time, and for good reason. Most people can associate their product with them. Color schemes are also helpful in developing similar marketing content over time. Your color schemes should be based off of your business logo or store itself. Colors help curate a personality for your online business. Strong visual themes allow for more positive associations with your company.

Sourcing High-Quality Content

Higher quality content will often receive better responses. But rather than simple stock photos, original content and quality imaging can often be more effective developing followers and real interactions with potential customers. Your personal content should be high-quality, and still be genuine. Pictures with bad lighting or low-quality videos should be avoided. Take the time to take better pictures, or invest in a better quality camera.

Keep Content Consistent and Exciting

Your content should be consistent in timing and content, but it should be exciting. It can be hard to balance consistent and exciting content. Post when you have events, or create new items or dishes, and more. Try not to post too much, or you may come off looking like spam, or burn out your more exciting content too quickly.

Keep Content Clean and Readable

Most people will scroll past the majority of posts online. It is easy to be lost in the mix. Stand out more, by reading clearer. Your posts should have clear and easy to digest photos and videos.Text-based content should be short and to the point, using clear and distinct fonts.

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