When it comes to marketing your business, finding the right amount, and type of content that is right for you and your business can be important. Putting that content out onto the web for your audience, your potential clients, is vital to maintaining a growing online presence for your business. This type of creation-based attraction is called “Content Marketing.”

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the creation, production, and online distribution of topical content relevant to your business; created to attract potential customers. The content produced can be informative, entertaining, or authoritative. It can be made in a number of media formats, which allows a company to find what format best suits the needs of your customers. Videos, blog articles, podcasts, photo galleries, email blasts, and social media posts are examples of Content Marketing. Content Marketing isn’t just selling to a customer, it is about engaging them.

Why Use Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a lot more personal than other types of advertising, allowing you to develop a relationship with your client. Content Marketing is the main priority for more than 55% percent of all marketers. Because of the content-driven nature of this marketing technique, your company builds trust and authority with potential clients. Adding content to your website develops your SEO and makes it easier for search engines to find you. Content Marketing is also about three times cheaper than traditional marketing platforms; like newspaper ads, flyers, etc.

How is Content Marketing Different From Traditional Methods?

Content Marketing takes a little bit from a number of different marketing focuses; but the main difference that sets it apart is the overall focus on building brand authority and loyalty. Trust goes a long way in terms of marketing. Content Marketing is also just focused online. This reduces marketing costs and allows you the most flexibility in scheduling and content. By marketing on your own website or social media page, you are given autonomy for your content, launch dates, and the message.

Is Content Marketing Right for My Business?

There is potential for Content Marketing in absolutely any business. The most important thing to realize is that every business is different. Different businesses will have varying voices when it comes to content. Content formats may work better for one company than another. For example, if you sell HVAC machines and tools; your content wouldn’t be the same as a company that installs HVAC units in homes. Your product is different, your message isn’t the same, and your audiences aren’t the same. Even two restaurants can have different focuses for their content marketing.


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