The use of video in online marketing has been growing exponentially. Videos allow for a company to present itself in a new light, and create a more personal connection with the consumer. But what about the B2B companies? Videos can be an incredible avenue to attract potential clients, keep old ones returning, and help inform and instruct your users.

Online Outreach

Online videos give your business more reach than ever. Posting your video to sites like Facebook and Youtube provide potential clients an avenue to see it. Adding it to your website can also increase web traffic and overall conversion rates.

Video Types

For B2B companies, there are three types of videos that are the most popular and effective. The first is a product video, which highlights the functions and use of a product. Next is the explainer video; which provides how-to information and guidelines. The third is demo videos, which shows the product in use. Each video type brings something different to the table. Finding which type(s) suit your company best will allow you to provide better content for your customer base.

Video Length

Most videos produced by companies are less than 2 minutes long. Longer videos are less common, with 75% of videos staying under 4 minutes long. Webinars and live-streaming events are the main reason for videos longer than 20 minutes.

Video Engagement

Videos created for marketing need to catch the viewer’s attention fast. On average, only 37% of viewers will stay watching until the very end of the video. Important information should be added into the front of the video, along with catchy and engaging content.

Mobile or Desktop

While more and more people are moving towards viewing video media on their phones and tablets; most business-oriented videos are still consumed on desktops. Desktop viewers amass 86% of B2B video viewers.

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