instagramLooking to attract more followers on Instagram? Are you using Instagram to its full potential?Instagram engagement is approximately 58 times higher per follower than Facebook. Don’t underestimate its marketing potential.

Here are 5 ways to make your brand stand out on Instagram to achieve more followers and get better exposure for your business.

1. Advertise your Business

Research has proven that people remember 20% of what they read and 80% of what they see. Since most companies use their logo as the profile picture for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it makes sense to add Instagram to that list.

Consistency in social media benefits people to quickly recognize a company’s content no matter where they are. Whether you have an Instagram account or just setting up an account, make sure your basic settings are complete and give as much relevant information as possible. Be sure to provide a brief description of what your company does, and add your company’s voice and personality. Moreover, add a link to your website so consumers can locate you on the Internet too.

2. Share on Social Media Networks

If you have a large number of followers on other social networks, most of those same fans will be intrigued in following your Instagram account.

Let the fans know how to locate you and invite them to join you. Share your Instagram updates to Facebook and Twitter or where you have the most followers.

Your website is a great place to promote your Instagram account and for visitors to follow you. Place an Instagram badge in the website sidebar so consumers can click and follow in seconds.

3. Be Creative with Promoting a Product

Since your bio and sharing options are ready to go, it’s time to start posting eye-catching photos that draw people in and force them to follow you. Instagram has an abundance of filters to assist you in improving your photos. Do small tests to find the exact one that suits individual photos and receives the most audience response. Or, if you want to keep a consistent photo stream, select a single filter to use on all of your shared photos.

As a business, it can be enticing to post a basic photo of your product.  Therefore, it’s not likely to draw too much attention. Think about how you can show off your product in a creative way that holds with your company’s established online voice.

4. Importance of Hashtags

Hashtags are a tremendous contributor to the success of your Instagram efforts. They make it simple to track who’s talking about you or participating in a particular campaign. Moreover, when you share your photo to Facebook or Twitter, the hashtags will show there as well. Make sure the hashtags you select are relevant to your business and do research to find out what hashtags your customers are using. Researching also make sure you’re not using something associated with someone else’s campaign.

5. Host Contests/Giveaways

Instagram contests and giveaways are simple, exciting ways to have your followers interact and to be able to reach a larger audience as people share their photo entries with others. Starting a giveaway or contest is easy: Just let your followers know what types of pictures to post and use a precise hashtag for the campaign.