Today, businesses are adapting to the needs of consumers from all walks of life. With the improvement of technology come increased access to those with disabilities. A great way to improve your reach online is to make your website more accessible for those with disabilities. Building a website to be accessible to all can benefit your business in a number of ways; such as an increase in traffic to your website, improving overall SEO, and demonstrating your business’ dedication to social responsibility.

SEO and Accessibility

One of the major benefits of accessible websites is the improvement of SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is what makes your website more likely to show up in a search engine’s index when people use it. When your website is more easily accessible to the disabled, its productivity will increase overall. Your site can have a higher number of visitors. higher numbers of customer turnover. There is also less of a chance for negative feedback. All of those factors contribute to a website being ranked higher on search engines.

Making a Site More Accessible

There are a number of effective ways to improve your website’s accessibility. A text to speech option may be a good idea to use for those who have trouble typing using their fingers or a keyboard. For those that may have issues seeing smaller size text, a text resizing tool may be a good tool to offer on your site. For those hard of hearing you may want to have captions available on videos featured on your website, so people can read along as they watch. Keep in mind that almost 5% of the world is colorblind, so designing your website to be colorblind-friendly is very important. One thing to look out for on your page is text colors, which can often be an issue for some color blind people.

Images and the Vision-Impaired

For the visually impaired, alternative text is very important. Alternative Text is data and unseen text that describes an image on the site. This is useful for e-readers who look for descriptions of images. Having a detailed description of an image can also help improve SEO, as the search engines will have more data for your website.


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