statenislandwebsitedesign400Throw the clutter in the garbage. Don’t put it on your website. When it comes to website design, minimalism is in. Clutter is out. Consumers get hit with too many ads every day. If something is too busy, flashy or over the top most consumers are immune to the loud and gaudy, haunting ads. The majority of consumers feel they are bombarded by online advertising. They want to go to sites that give them pertinent information and are visually appealing. Your website should be easy on the eyes. Your articles should focus attention on the subject instead of the ads, and those ads you choose to put on the site should be limited, relevant and modest. White space is a good thing. The old advertising agencies used to limit whitespace. Now they are utilizing it to accentuate the important. In consumer surveys one of the main reasons a consumer leaves a site is too much clutter. As a web design company, BetterBizWorks is in constant battle with certain customers that want to fill their sites with overwhelming graphics. It is our job to try to keep them on the side of minimalism and effectiveness.  What we see in web design trends is flat design with minimal but effective graphics that bring attention to the subject at hand. Overwhelming attempts to make everything stand out like bold text, electrifying colors, drop shadows, Flash, animated gifs, and involuntary motion create distractions and confusion which can drive customers away from your site. Small amounts of the same items can be tastefully used. Don’t scream so loud that your customer can’t hear what you’re saying.


It’s always a good idea to keep a website clean and crisp with whitespace and a focal point on the subject. Ads should not be distractions that draw attention away from your content in a loud manner.  Creating  a website that the consumer feels comfortable on, will help them to spend more time browsing your pages. If it’s homey and pleasant, people will be more apt to purchase from you than from the carnival barker with the circus website. Try simple and clean. It works wonderfully.