bigstock-Cloud-Sync-Media-Devices-51772657Mobile website usage is growing by leaps and bounds. Your customers are looking for sites that are friendly to their device of choice. Get an edge on the competition. If you have a responsive website and your competition doesn’t, that may be a good reason people to abandon their site and buy from yours. Positive user experience is a key factor in customer acquisition and retention. Responsive design gets a higher website ranking and a responsive site will help improve your SEO. That means more visitors, which leads to more customers. A responsive site is welcoming to PC’s, tablets and smart phones, increasing your chances for more appointments and sales. Visitors stay longer on a site that works well their device. If you are looking for a younger demographic mobile friendly sites that take less effort to navigate will keep a shopper on your site longer, which can lead to a higher conversion rate. When a visitor doesn’t feel like your site is made for their device they wind up leaving and trying another site. Don’t let this happen to you. Responsive sites can highlight the more important items for mobile viewers giving you more control over how your visitors see your products and services. Having a responsive website allows you to select how a web page is delivered for each device. This can mean better ROI because the consumer gets the message that you want delivered, regardless of the device they use. Before deciding to go responsive, our recommendation would be to check your Google Analytics statistics to see what percentage of mobile and tablet viewers are looking visiting your current website. Take a look at how long these mobile viewers are staying, and how many pages they’re visiting compared to PC users. Chances are they don’t hang around as long, which is a good indication that you are losing potential customers. It the numbers of mobile viewers justify the expense go for it. These number will only get greater over time. Give BetterBizWorks Web Design a call at 212-904-0020 and see if a responsive website is right for your company.