Websites today compete for the top spots on Google and Bing when consumers search for a service. While consumers may not search for that particular business, it may come up based on it’s services, and the amount of clicks the site gets. One way the sites get noticed is through Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. Using keywords and descriptions, SEO connects with different search engines to allow consumers to see the best results. A second way to be seen online is through blogging. By writing articles, posting events, or posting videos, your blog can increase traffic to your website, and bring you higher on the search list. Based on a HubSpot study, blogging companies have about 97% more inbound links. This means that they are getting more viewers to their site, which helps them gain more new and return customers. Blogs can expand your company’s market, and your website’s reach on the search engine answers.

cloud of words or tags related to blogging and blog design on aUsing SEO while Blogging: SEO can be a great help in blogging. While writing your article, using your website’s keywords can increase it’s value to a search engine. Also, adding keywords to the first two lines of the article can increase the likelihood of it being noticed. However, you do not want to overdo it. Other than ruining the writing piece with redundant vocabulary, Google and other search engines may condemn it. Experts say that roughly 2% of the words in your article should be main keywords.

Pictures: Adding a picture or two to an article can increase your blogs hits dramatically, if you do it right. Articles with pictures can be found more easily by search engines if the picture name is not random letters and numbers. Naming the picture by what it looks like, as well as adding a keyword, can boost the ranking of the article on the search list. Stock photos from companies like Bigstock have a basic description as the picture name, for just this purpose.

Social Media: Posting your blog article on Facebook or other social media sites can help get the word out for your business. Putting up an article a week, or even 2-3 a month can increase business. While you don’t want to overflow your follower’s news feed with articles, an additional picture or two can keep your latest news on their minds.

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