If you run or own a business, you know how important customer satisfaction is. Without satisfied customers, your business would never grow. This will largely impact if the customer will continue to buy from you or not, which is why it’s crucial to please consumers.

Make sure your business is present on different places that customers will leave and read reviews. These platforms include Yelp, Facebook, Amazon, and Google. A study conducted by BrightLocal found that Yelp and Facebook are consumers most trusted sources of customer reviews in the US, so it’s important to make sure your company is registered. You should also be checking reviews and posts daily, to ensure your customers are pleased.

Use Google’s “My Business” in order to claim your company, where customers might find your location if they’re searching on Google, or on Google Maps. People will also often leave reviews on Google, which show up when the business name has been searched.

Another tip is to respond to negative reviews. Sometimes, mistakes are inevitable and can result in a one star review or negative feedback. When this happens, it’s important to to take the time and respond to these customers in a well thought out manner, without being defensive. A study by Harvard Business Review found that businesses responding to negative reviews online resulted in better ratings overall.