Within recent years, marketers have been fixated on targeting the millennial generation. Millennials are generally known as the individuals born within the 1980’s through the mid 1990’s. As this generation is now the largest living generation in America, Pew Research Center reported that this age group is now the largest living generation, with over 75.4 million members, and by 2036, this number is expected to jump to 81.1 million. Considering how large this consumer base is, its crucial that marketers stay up to date by targeting this general audience.

  1. Social Media Presence-  In a 2018 study done by Statistica, data shows that 76.1% of millennials are present on at least one social media network. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are among the most popular outlets used. Other options include tech or blog posts, which will draw in more consumers. It’s important to keep these outlets as updated as often, as it keeps the consumer’s attention.
  2. Interactive Content- The Content Marketing Institute reported that 51% of content marketers were already using interactive content in 2016. Most of these marketers chose to use interactivity as an attempt to educate their audiences. Incorporate videos, pictures, and animations.
  3. Convenience- As millennials grew up with on-demand entertainment, convenience is key. With mobile technology at the touch of a finger, they expect the same convenience in every other aspect of life.

Retailers and marketers will soon have to work to meet the demands of millennials, as they are the majority of consumers. Technology will be utilized as much as it can possibly be, and corporations will adjust as much as they can.