For any business, no matter how big or small, social media is one of the quickest ways to increase your audience; and therefore, your customers. Social media platforms help us reach potential consumers and keep customers returning. Connecting in real-time with your customers is also a great benefit of these platforms. For businesses that provide online shopping or services; social media is even more important as it can extend your outreach beyond your local community.
To begin your social media campaign; start by getting your business on all the major social media sites. This includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. Each works a bit differently, but you should get your name out and be more accessible to as many people as possible. Create profiles or pages that are clearly recognizable, such as using your logo as the picture. See which get the most followers and activity, and begin to prioritize those with more content.
Keep your content focused on more on information that would be valued by your customers, and less on self-promotion. People will be less likely to follow you if all you do is push your business. Try making 80% or more of your content engaging and helpful to viewers, and only 20% or less about promotion. Engaging content will keep you in the customer’s minds when they need your services. How-to videos, high quality pictures of your products or specials, et cetera can drum up followers looking for that kind of content. Teaching people how to get the most out of your products makes you appear to care about both the customers and what you bring to the community.
Interact with people that mention your business or post to your page. Reply and answer questions, and respond whether it’s negative or positive. Thank customers for their positive words, and, take criticisms constructively. Social media is a way not only to get more customers, but to become a better business. If they privately message you, answer back as soon as possible. Don’t keep them waiting.
Like and follow content-creators with similar information. While you do not want to copy them, especially if it’s a competitor, it can expand your reach. Get inspired by their content. If there are bloggers in the area that might review you, follow them and see how they operate.
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