It’s been one week since the phenomenon of Pokemon Go hit the app stores and people all over hit the streets. People of all ages, even those who have never played a Pokemon game before are walking, biking, and driving around town to “Catch ’Em All.” As a business owner, what does this mean to you? You or some of your employees may be caught in the hype; but I can almost guarantee that some of your customers are. In less than a week, this game became the #1 app on both Android and Apple phones.
The new game utilizes the GPS location of the user’s phone, along with the camera to allow them to move around and catch wild Pokemon. For those of you who don’t know, Pokemon are little cartoon creatures that, based on a Gameboy game from Nintendo in 1996. After 20 years, countless trading cards, over 18 seasons as a TV show, at least 15 movies, and over 30 games; Pokemon Go is getting the whole town running about while looking at their phones. Now we will look at what businesses can do to bring in all these Pokemon Trainers.

  • Lure Them In: Pokemon in the game spawn the most by busy streets, and parkland. Areas like main streets, college campuses, and community parks are buzzing with people walking around and collecting Pokemon. Some areas are what are known as Pokestops. These places will attract people. Many are important locations, murals, landmarks, statues, longstanding businesses, busy corners, or even churches. If your business is within range of one, or even better – is one, then many players could be coming by. Pokestops are areas where players can get free items every 3 minutes for being nearby. They attract more Pokemon than areas without them, and people can drop what is called a Lure Module on the Pokestop. This item attracts extra Pokemon to the area, and can be seen by anyone. They last for 30 minutes, and can bring in lots of people to the area. A large number of them can be bought for a few US dollars, and replacing them when they are spent is simple. Running Lure Modules throughout the day can bring in loads of potential customers; especially if you create a deal for Pokemon Go players.
    The Petals floating around the Pokestop indicate the use of a Lure Module

    The Petals floating around the Pokestop indicate the use of a Lure Module

  • Gym Parties: Some locations are not Pokestops, but are Pokemon Gyms. Gyms are battled for by teams for control of the area. Players fight to control it, build it up, and take down gyms from enemy teams. If your business is close to a Gym, host a Battle Night. Gyms need multiple members of the 3 teams to take and defend them, so inviting crowds with specials for players or members of the reigning team can be a great incentive to bring in customers.
  • Pokemon Merchandising: Pokemon fans want to see more Pokemon. Clothing stores can display Pokemon shirts. Bakeries can put Pokemon cookies or cakes in the windows. A lot of merchandise has recently appeared based on the three teams in Pokemon Go. Window displays or even a chalk sign in front mentioning Pokemon can help attract players to stop in and buy. Electronic stores can benefit from all the mobile use. There is a very recent and high demand for portable and solar powered chargers.
  • Host A Hunt: Businesses can drum up locals by leading a group of people in a Pokemon hunt. Organize it through social media like an event, and gather a large group of people for a small circuit walk starting and ending at your business. Get employees to wear t-shirts promoting your business and keep your name on the customer’s mind the whole time. The more people are in an area, the more Pokemon will spawn. People may even drop Lure Modules along the way for added bonuses; or you may want to drop them yourself.
  • Social Media And Pokemon Go: The camera feature of Pokemon Go affords a business a unique opportunity. Having customers capture Pokemon in your store. The game uses Augmented Reality to plaster a virtual Pokemon into the camera shot. Now players can post their rare findings on social media, and other players can come to your location for those Pokemon. Offering deals or specials to players who post screenshots on social media can create a buzz about your business and bring more people in.
    Don’t let your business fall behind on this new trend. The game’s developers say that more Pokemon are coming. As of now the game only hosts 150 pokemon, out of over 700 (and counting). They will be released in stages, to keep the interest in the game alive.
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