Website-Marketing-plan It's 2014. Where is your marketing plan? Hopefully you have cut back or eliminated your telephone book ads and created a fresh website with a local professional website designer, which can help you market your business online. Once your site is built you need to create multiple streams of traffic to your website. Market your website at your brick and mortar location if you have one.

Add a sign-up sheet you your front desk. If you have a restaurant put comment cards in your billfolds to collect comments and marketing data like email addresses, cell phone numbers and address and contact info. Create an email list and market to your  customers. Create offers and send them to your website for coupons, articles, newsletters, and ideas. 

Set up a pay per click advertising program that gets people to come to a transaction page on your website. A transaction page is a page that gets your customers to take action on something, whether it's buying a product, printing an offer or filling in lead information or an appointment.

Create Social Media pages and stay top of mind with customers and prospects. Research your marketing platforms to see if the demographics of the social media platform fit your market niche. Remember that social media is mostly free but your time isn't, so don't waste time in platforms that don't fit your needs.

If you have a blog page on your website good for you. The key to success on your site is having plenty of quality content that your visitors will want to read and find useful. Make sure your are adiing fresh interesting content on a regular basis. Always have a call to action at the bottom of every article. If you don't ask you probably won't get. Post the URLs of these same articles on your social media platforms. Make sure the posts are engaging. 

These items above are the basics for creating an online marketing program that can create traffic to your website. whether you need help with a basic online marketing set-up or an elaborate marketing plan, we can help.  If you need more information or would like a professional marketing company to create an online marketing program for you give BetterBizWorks, LLC a call. 212-904-0020 or Contact Us.