Every business owner or webmaster gets spam traffic to their website from scores of marketing companies that are either soliciting you to do business with them or they are promoting their own products on your blog. This kind of traffic shouldn’t count in you website traffic analysis.  The traffic that means something is visitors that become fans through best practices in marketing. The key to successful marketing of your business is creating meaningful traffic by having useful content on your website for would-be customers. Today’s successful online entrepreneurs are making fans out of their prospects by offering useful information that makes visitors a fan of your company. Once they are a fan they visit repeatedly which eventually turns into purchases and loyalty. A loyal customer is worth much more than a one time buyer. Your marketing goal should be creating loyal customers over time not creating traffic to your site.


Here are some ways to create loyal fans:


  • Something of value for their visit (an Ebook, a PDF or excellent advice)
  • Educate your visitor
  • Engage your visitor
  • Offer lots of videos and pictures
  • Be consistent with your posts
  • Answer feedback in a positive manner
  • Create a quality, nurturing environment
  • Show that you care


Three things make a customer loyal. Quality, Caring and Comfort. If a visitor feels you have quality service or products, if they feel that you care about them and they are comfortable that they a getting a value for the money they give, you will have a loyal customer. Once the first purchase is made a follow-up to make sure the customer is happy goes a long way. It costs much less money to keep a customer happy than it does to find a new one. Practice these methods and they will reward you well.


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Charles Di Bartolo

BetterBizWorks, LLC