In today’s marketplace the average consumer gets hit with hundreds of ad messages every day. People used to rely on print for their advertising, then web, email and text and now the trend is to use push notifications. Push notifications are more intricate and robust than text messages. They offer targeting by location and interest. Open rates average higher than 90% which destroys email open rates by over 250%.  Push notifications allow business owners to deliver messages straight to the user’s smartphone. These notifications can be sent by user interest. They can be sent when a user enters an area designated by you. For instance you may want consumers to get a sale notice when they come within a 1 mile radius or even one block of your location. You can send to customers, prospects or special interests. If you have excess inventory of a particular product you can send out a notification of a particular special while supplies last. You can let them know when the sale is over, etc.

By now you are asking yourself how do I send a push notification. First you have to have an app for your business. Your customer downloads your app and you are part of their mobile lifestyle. At this point your customer or prospect has the ability to receive push notifications. You can offer many other benefits from your app. These notifications are one of many benefits. You can offer rewards points for accepting push notifications. Your customers can even ask questions through their app. It is a way of interacting that has not been available to small business until now. If you would like to find out more about apps and push notifications contact BetterBizWorks and we’ll go through all of the details with you. 212-904-0020,or Contact Us.